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Yes, New Year was a month ago but we’re still technically in a new year and as this is my first post of the year – Happy New Year everyone!

I’m so excited to be back! I’m not a major one for New Year’s resolutions, as I set myself goals throughout the year anyway; some which I succeed in, but others that I spectacularly fail at if I’m being completely honest (shout out to the half marathon I paid £35 for and never made it to – turns out I can’t hack the boredom and pain of running any time over 30 minutes). However, I have set myself a key goal that I am going to really try not to fail. It’s to blog at least once a week from now on. I can’t believe the last time I blogged on here is October – ridiculous! Although i’m daily posting my outfits on Instagram (@juliaindisguise) and absolutely love it, I don’t want to just be an ‘instagrammer’ as I love writing and spent a fair amount of time and money setting up my little space on the internet to make it something I’d be proud to post on and yet I haven’t made the most out of it at all – but this is all set to change.

I love writing and creating content, but life got a little in the way over the last few months. I got offered a new job which is very exciting, but was also a big distraction and the fact that my laptop is nearly 10 years old and crashes every time I try to even open iPhoto really doesn’t help matters. I’ve got loads of draft blog posts on here waiting to be published but even trying to straighten a photo causes it to have a major breakdown and then the coloured wheel of death rears its ugly head. This is why I tend to post much more on Instagram as I can do all of that via my phone, with no need for my vintage computer to have to strain itself in any form. My boyfriend has been contemplating purchasing a Macbook and I am very supportive of this idea (ha) and so fingers crossed i’ll be able to edit my pictures much quicker soon!


















Anyway, enough of that and onto the outfit! Red had a big moment in AW17, dominating the runway, and I’m glad to see the popularity has continued into 2018. I love both a top to toe (or red to toe as I’ve heard it be called) red outfits, using different textures of red to add variety and definition to the look, such as vinyl, wool and leather, but I also enjoy the subtle pops of red using accessories. Here I am styling the latter, with a pop of red in the form of this beret (which I have about 8 of now), boots and a swipe of red lippy.

Berets are a huge weakness of mine (weird?) and I probably have about 8 of them. I’m currently eyeing up the orange and the green ones in Topshop, because, you know, 10 is a nice number. When you have a fringe in the winter, you learn that hats are your best friend, helping to strap your fringe down during gale force winds. I have a fairly small head and these (and some bakerboy caps – not Topshop ones though which are bloody huge!) seem to be the only style that doesn’t make me look like i’m a toddler borrowing my mums hat. I also bloody adore these boots and no matter what the outfit, as soon as I put them on they immediately complete the look, adding an extra element to what would have otherwise been a rather standard outfit. They are also pretty damn comfortable and the block heel makes for very easy walking, which is always a plus in my opinion.

What do you guys think of the red trend and did you create any new years resolutions (which you may or may not have already failed on the first hurdle – if so don’t worry you’re not alone, it’s February and i’ve only just blogged a new years post)?

Julia x

Coat: Marks and Spencer,  Jumper: &OtherStories, Trousers: Topshop, Boots: River Island, Beret: Topshop


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